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Newsflash! It's the end of 2016. You Need A Website!

December 7, 2016

It is nearing the end of 2016, if you do not have a website to promote you or your business, you are missing out. Full stop.  A major shift has happened and is continuing to happen. People are almost always connected to the internet. Think about the last time you needed to win an argument. Did you google it?  Have you opened a phone book in recent memory? You haven't, have you? Seriously? How about online ordering? Banking?  Are you starting to see a pattern?  You are spending more time online searching for answers, wanting to find things quickly and complete transactions efficiently. Stop fighting it. That is how people want to find out about you too.

According to researchers the average person spends 3-5 hours online per day? And that number is growing. According to Fortune Magazine online shopping has grown to 51% of purchases with an exponential growth in the mobile market. I guess we know what people are doing on that commute to work.  The point is, the shift has happened so are you going to move with it or get left behind?

But I have a Facebook page for me or my business. Can’t people find me there? 

In a word, NO!  The Facebook algorithm is not in your favor facebook wants you to pay for ads. Furthermore, for those visitors that do get through, your business page will look just like every other Facebook page. Is that really how you intend your business to stand out?

What about if I am listed in the yellow pages or in another online directory?

Have you visited one of those sites lately?  They often have outdated information and all of them have a line item for a website. Why do you think this is? The pattern is very clear. Your customers expect a website. People want to get a feel for you or your business before they even contact you.  

So why not give them what they want?  One place that they can find everything you have to offer. A funnel for all your social media and other online links. Who knows you and what you do better than you? Your website gives you the unique opportunity to present yourself or your business how you want to.  

This should be encouraging because by having a site that showcases you and what you do best, you automatically stand out above the noise. What makes you unique is what makes you stand out, and a good website can be crafted to highlight that. Voila! So when people find you online it can be like shaking your hand for the first time, or the first visit to your place of business. A feeling of trust that can be created just by visiting your site.

Trust = Wanting to work with you or buy from you.

 The best part is your website works 24/7 and you don’t have to.  This does two things. The most obvious, that anyone can find info about you or your business any time of day that suits their schedule not just during regular business hours. Secondly, this opens up you to a worldwide market. Maybe what you offer is useful beyond your local market. It’s a big wide world out there.  

As you see. The world has moved online.  There is a vast market that is searching for you. It wants to get to know you or your business. But it is not going to wade through the noise to find you. So how do you want to be found?  By a fluke or accident?  Or by carving yourself out a place online that is in your voice, so that people can find you and what you offer to the world.  Obscurity is your enemy. The task may seem daunting because of the ever-growing list of options, but we are here to guide and help you through the process. Got a question, pop it in the comments below. Or email directly at  We would love to assist you any way we can.

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