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Your Art, YOUR Business

Many Artists shy away from that word. But who you are and what you do is your YOU-NESS, and it is valuable and marketable. That is your business.

A strong online presence is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd. If you are relying only on social media then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

With a professional website you can direct people to see the authentic you as you want to be seen, and showcase and highlight your unique marketable essence.

Your website can serve as your digital handshake and help you open doors.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It


A website is really the only place a band or artist can effectively display their “brand.” Other sites may let you mess around with color schemes, but your own site is the only place where people can get the full experience of you and your aesthetic at work. -Chris Robley


You can shape your reputation and future, a website can show the world how you want to be perceived. Your website should package and position you for the next step in your career. - Tony Howell

This is our canvas...

why choose us

Our unique perspective and knowledge of the business makes us the perfect partner to collaborate with on your Demo Reel. We understand the requirements have evolved over time. Your reel must now make maximum impact in a very short amount of time. Casting is not interested in fancy transitions, montages or music. They are interested in seeing if you are the solution to their problem. We feel making a Demo Reel of concise clips that highlight your best work is what will make you stand out. We also recognize having individual high quality clips is a necessity in today's market where time is at a premium. So we provide them with every completed Demo Reel.


our process

  • Go through digital materials provided and collaborate to find best usable clips.
  • Acquire footage from DVDs or online sources ** (Extra Charges Apply)
  • Edit clips down to the frame to capture the most usable footage. To ensure you are the highlight of your Demo Reel and there is no question whose Demo Reel it is.
  • Compile Demo Reel in rough edit including name card with Headshot and tail card with agency or other contact information.
  • Send rough edit for changes. ** (One round of changes included)
  • Completed reel with applied changes for final approval.
  • Send Demo Reel and all high quality individual clips for easy upload to Casting Workbook, Actors Access, IMDB or other Casting Service



Editing of a demo reel up to 4 min long created with digital materials provided by you. Complete with timecodes of the approximate scenes you are wanting to use.


Ripping of scenes from a DVD. Up to 4 different projects included.

$20 Each or 3 For $50

Acquiring HD footage from aired TV Shows. **

** Footage can vary depending on the source. We will make every effort to obtain the highest quality footage of any aired TV program available. Pricing is set as a guideline for most standard projects but we reserve the right to adjust pricing if project requirements exceed the standard.


DEmo Reel Experts

We take the same approach to editing demo reels as we do with our websites. We collaborate with you to showcase and highlight your best work. We carefully sort through your materials and then edit them down frame by frame to capture and arrange your most captivating footage. To ensure you always shine as the star of your own reel.

"The insight from his experience as an actor combined with technical expertise makes for a strong reel"
-Ben Corns-
"Would definitely use his services again and recommend him without hesitation."
-Teresa Laverty -
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Jeremy is a skilled web designer whose patience and guidance throughout the entire process made me feel at ease. He works quickly and efficiently with attention to fine detail. 

Actor Website Testimonial Person Portrait

Jeremy knows what's important and helps guide you through the process, so you know exactly what's going on. He really collaborated with me so that all the ideas I brought to the table were incorporated.

Small Business Website Testimonial Person Portrait

This has been a wonderful experience building my actor website with you. Positive, professional guidance. I couldn't have asked for more. 

Actor Website Testimonial Person Portrait

Working with Jeremy was easy and fun! He patiently coached me through what I was trying to achieve. My finished site looks polished and professional and it's easy to update myself, which is fantastic!

Voiceover Actor Website Tesitimonial Person Portrait



At True Reflection Media. We are experts at creating custom, mobile responsive, easily update-able websites, with a user friendly hosting solution that will save you time and money. Because of our firsthand understanding of the industry, we are able to create tailor made solutions, unique for every artist and performer.

Our Process

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Discover & Highlight

Your unique and marketable essence.

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To create a custom, professional design that truly reflects you.

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You with tools and a custom database to make changes as easily as you update your social media.

Jeremy Leroux Owner Website Designer

Who We are

True Reflection Media is website design and branding company based in Vancouver, Canada. Specializing in websites for performers, filmmakers and small businesses.

TRM was founded by Jeremy Leroux a multi disciplined artist, with a threefold mission. 

  1. Help clients discover and embrace their unique, marketable brand.
  2. Collaborate to create an authentic online presence that truly represents our clients and their business.
  3. Empower clients to comfortably manage their own sites, by providing the necessary tools and guidance.

Jeremy has assembled a passionate group of North American Photographers, Coders, Copywriters and Graphic designers to aid in this mission.

Our unique approach encourages clients to bring their own talents to the table which makes it a truly custom and collaborative process. Two words we use a lot.